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Well, my name is Tony Only, I'm an English Gentleman who likes to take photos. This theme is of course built for anyone, Solo freelancer to Agency, homepage items are unlimited and easy to setup. You can have a funky one page site or build a multi-page site with ease.

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I like to drink coffee
by the bucketload

That’s not the only interesting thing about me though, there are lots of other vaguely interesting things I’m sure you want to know about, carry on scrolling for more!

i do what i do don’t you?

Well I wouldn’t say I was a major geek, or a hipster, or a trendsetter but I do really like taking photos, here are my most recent ten photos, choose to view the set right here in a lightbox or go through to each portfolio item individually.

I’m a Gentleman

I’ll work hard for you, I’ll be polite, on occasion I will tweak my moustache whilst drinking scotch and wearing a smoking jacket.

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