A Big & Bold WordPress Blog Theme

Wharton is lightweight and simple yet big and bold. Wharton can be used as photoblog-style WordPress theme for sharing your article, thoughts, videos, articles, quotes, audio – you can even embed Twitter status and Facebook statuses. Of course, you could use Wharton as a minimal portfolio to show off your latest work.

Upload a full width header image per post/page

That’s right, full width, full full width not just full width of a wrapper – we’re talking a fullscreen width glory.

Control header background color on a page/post basis

Want to tweak your lovely image by giving it a stronger background? Maybe black works better or pink? You can do this right from the post editor using a color picker, neat hey!

Control opacity of your header image

Want a bold bright image, no problem give it 100% opacity, what something more subtle, no problem either give it a 5% opacity.

Repeat your header background image

Not interested in a full width massive image, want to save some bandwidth? Just choose from Cover, Repeat, No repeat, Repeat-X and Repeat-Y.

Position your header background image

If you want even more control over your header image, you can control its positioning including Center Center, Top Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Center – in fact everything you can think of!

Wide insert image

Want impact per post or page, just use our special insert shortcode to break and rejoin the layout.

Homepage and 404 Page Slab Text Typography

Want some impact, no problem you can update the typography from the theme options using the WordPress Customizer.

Check out the 404 page too.

Sexy Navigation

We’ve got a beautiful mobile friendly full screen menu overlay, just click on the menu icon in the top right, you can even show your 10 Most recent posts. Recent Posts can be increased or turned off right from the theme options.


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